Diesel Oil Change Service

Properly maintaining your diesel engine requires changing your car's oil and filter on a regular basis. When bringing your Lincoln into David McDavid's Plano Lincoln to have this task performed by our helpful automotive technicians, remember to check out our other service specials.

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By changing the diesel oil and filter in your Lincoln on a regular basis, you can avoid a number of serious problems. For instance, the oil in a diesel engine will inevitably be exposed to the byproducts of the combustion process, with the result that the oil will be contaminated by soot and coke particles. This means that the oil will be less effective in lubricating the engine. In addition, the particles that build up in the oil can erode the surfaces inside the engine. This can result in a shorter engine life and more frequent repairs, which is why it's so important to change out your diesel oil and filter – as laid out in the manufacturers instructions.

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When you bring your car in to us to have the diesel oil and filter changed, you can be certain that the automotive technician working on your car has perform the same task countless times and has years of experience in the industry. All of our technicians are highly qualified and certified professionals with expertise in all Lincoln makes and models.

Diesel Oil Change Service

If you decide to have your diesel oil and filter changed, you'll want to be certain that the automotive technician doing the work is using both a high quality oil and filter. When you go to a small auto repair shop, you will often find that they are using inferior fluids and aftermarket parts that won't work as well in your engine or last as long. But with David McDavid's Plano Lincoln, you can rest assured that any work we do to your car will be performed using high quality materials and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.